Hysteroscopy is a technique used to observe/inspect the inside of the uterus by entering into the uterus with a light camera system, and to remove and treat the pathology if there is any.

It is performed under general anesthesia under operating room conditions. The patient is placed on the gynecological table and after being anesthetized, the cervix is enlarged a little and the camera is inserted into the uterus. Inside of the uterus is inflated up using some liquid for a better visualization.


In the exploration, it is controlled whether or not there is a polyp, myoma, adhesion in the uterus. Biopsies are taken from irregular regions. If benign tumors such as space-occupying polyps or moyma are present, they are removed with the help of cauterization. The septums and compartments in the uterus are opened.
Usually the patient is discharged following a few hours of resting.

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