Oocyte Growth

Oocyte Growth
The beginnings of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and microinjection (ICSI) treatments are common.

How Does Ovum Growth Follow-Up Take Place in IVF Treatment?

Both begin with oocyte growth treatment. It is tried to obtain about 5-10 oocytes from every woman by using egg-growing drugs. The number of oocyte is as important as the age of women in determining pregnancy chance.

    Drugs used for this purpose are in the form of injection and are usually administered subcutaneously.  Roughly it is required to be administered at the same time every day. It is usually initiated on the 2nd or 3rd day,although there are different drug schemes. 5-6 days later, 2nd control is performed. The sizes of oocytes are measured during this control. According to the situation, the drug dose adjustment is made. The next controls are every 2-3 days.

As the oocytes reach medium size, this time another injection preventing early cleavage begins to be used on a daily basis. Because a cleaved oocyte without complete maturation will not be useful.

When the oocytes that grow in this way for a few days reach to a size of 17-20 mm, the egg cracking shot is administered. The purpose here is not to cleave the oocyte. Because it will not be possible to collect the cracked and dispersed oocytes in the uterus.

The main purpose is to provide the final stage for the maturation of the oocytes. But the name of this injection is egg cracking shot/injection due to a habit coming from the past. The injection is usually administered at night hours because ocyte pick-up (OPU) procedure will be performed 35-37 hours after that.


This is the most important injection that should be administered on time in IVF treatments. The timing of other drugs can be put several hours ahead or several hours back. It does not affect the success of the treatment.
Oocyte growth usually takes 8-10 days. It should not be forgotten here that the ovarian structure of each patient varies, so that this time may be different in each woman. After the oocytes are grown and the egg cracking shot is administered, oocyte pick-up (OPU) procedure is initiated.