Information for International Patients

Information for International Patients
Why information on the implementation of IVF treatment in Turkey.

Expert Experience in IVF Treatment

Why Turkey?

In both scientific publications and social communication channels, the success of the IVF Turkey has been repeatedly emphasized. The fact that costs are about one third is another reason for attraction.

Why Ankara?

Ankara has been selected as the priority city for tourism. Due to the fact that it is in the center of Anatolia, it is easy to reach from many cities and many cities are easy to navigate. The quality of accommodation, safety and transport is above average in the European big city.

High Success Rates

We consistently achieve industry leading success rates for all IVF treatments offered. Our patients are our No.1 priority and we continually strive to achieve industry leading pregnancy rates by upgrading our lab equipment and treatment protocols.

Tailor Made Treatment Protocol For Each Patient

We believe that each patient is unique and hence this requires a tailor made treatment protocol. We take what we do seriously and offer the best treatment protocol possible for each patient.

State Of The Art Technology And Equipment

We follow the latest developments in the IVF field and no expense is spared when our laboratory is concerned. Our world-leading lab consultant continuously attends congresses and advises us on maintaining state of the art technology and equipment.

Competitive Pricing

Patients being our No.1 priority, we try to make IVF treatment as affordable to as many couples as possible. We offer industry leading pregnancy rates with competitive pricing.

Is IVF Treatment an Expensive Treatment?

Short IVF Treatment

Connecting with us before coming to Turkey is extremely important to the family. Some required tests can be saved in advance. Because, IVF treatment lasts about 3 weeks. Therefore, if the family communicates with the doctor in advance, the duration does not extend further. In fact, if the growth of egg growth is initiated in the country where the family lives, the time in Ankara may be reduced by 1 week.

Highly Experienced Specialist İnfertility Team

Our clinic specializes in fertility and does not offer any other services. We concentrate on what we do best and that’s reproductive medicin

Free Assisted Hatching And IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphology Selected Sperm Injection) On All Treatments

Assisted hatching and embryo glue were scientifically proven to help achieve higher pregnancy rates. We offer these 2 services as standard on all treatments for our patients.

Multilingual Patient Support

We believe that one of the ways to make our patients comfortable is to communicate with them in the language they feel comfortable in. Therefore, we currently have native speakers of Turkish, English, German, French, Russian and Arabic in our team and growing!


We take patient confidentiality seriously and never disclose any information about your treatment to anybody but you. Your data is kept securely and confidentially in our archives.

Transportation And Accommodation

Transportation and accommodation needs of families coming from abroad, are easily solved. If you wish, you will be taken from the airport by a shuttle bus.
If you want, you can stay in a daily, weekly or monthly rental apartment with a kitchen or you can stay at an affordable price in a hotel (although transportation and accommodation fees are minimal, not included in the price of an ivf).
Families, who want to stay with their parents or relatives, both canning and ivf treatment can be completed.

Families With Prior Experience

An important group of people who want to come to Ankara are those who can not get pregnancy even though they have been treated in other countries. These families should contact us before they arrive. Thus, your treatment needs to be understood, the successful result is approached.